Fort Dodge Citizen's Central
Project Name
City, State
Fort Dodge Citizen's Central
Fort Dodge, IA
Jim Tometich
Client Wells + Associates Architects
Contractor Kolacia Construction Inc.
This was an existing turn-of-the-century building with common masonry walls. the building had deteriorated substantially due to the lack of maintenance on the site. The challenge was to maintain the historical storefront while still providing a modern facility for a multipurpose senior citizens center.

The exterior masonry was repaired and restored using masonry reconstruction anchors to secure the facade. A two-story space was added in the front of the building, requiring floor removal. A horizontally braced frame was constructed to provide lateral stability after the floor removal. Numerous techniques were used to secure the structure, such as tieback rods, epoxy anchors to sistered joints and newly framed floor over existing floors. Load requirements also made it necessary to re-establish new load paths to new footings.
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