Johnston Station
Project Name
City, State
Johnston Station
Johnston, IA
Jim Tometich
Client Simonson & Associates Architects, L.L.C.
Contractor Regency Commercial Services
Johston Station is 2 story  commercial building with underground parking. The building is 98,000 square feet. The main floor is mainly retail lease space and the second floor is mainly office lease space. The undeground parking is to be used by the second floor office tenants. The first challenge for this project was that the site contained poor soils. The second challenge was the wind loads. The building is tall, long, and narrow, which makes it a challenge to resist wind loads. The third challenge was the open two-story lobby.

The site was over excavated and new structural fill was brought into the site, which prevented the use of deep foundations. The wind is resisted by rigid moment resisting frames. This allowed us to keep the floor plan as open as possible. The two-story lobby roof was constructed of tube steel trusses that were left exposed. This allowed us to span the large open lobby using minimal structure and gives a dramatic appearance when you enter the lobby.
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