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ILC Load-Out Extension

ILC Load-Out Extension

ILC Load-Out Extension

The purpose of the design was to expand the company’s ability to separate different size aggregates into overhead bins to allow for truck loading below and to cut load times down to 10% of the previous method. The challenge was tying in the existing structure and systems into the new building. The new building is tall and slender but still needs to have the ability for full-size semi trucks to be loaded from above.

In order to keep the tall building rigid, large “k” bracing was used. The load-out tanks were located on a steel structure above the drive-through area to allow for easy gravity loading. Iowa Limestone also had electrically calibrated load cells installed on the tanks to provide proper weight. The load times were decreased from an average of 35 minutes per truck to just under 4 minutes.



CLIENT: Simonson & Associates Architects, L.L.C.

CONTRACTOR: Breiholz Construction Company

TEAM: James E. Tometich, P.E., Ted P. Hoeger, P.E.