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Tubular Air Heater Addition

Tubular Air Heater Addition

Tubular Air Heater Addition

This project focused on adding a tubular air heater to the existing structure to allow for more efficient boilers. The main challenge was evaluating the existing 130+ foot tall building structure to see if the added weight would be allowed by current standards and design calculations. We then had to adapt the existing structure using new steel columns and bracing to the existing where necessary.

The solution was to move the air heater to an adjacent exterior space to keep less load on the existing structure and allow more accessibility during and after construction. The tubular air heater was installed to preheat the incoming cold air by using outgoing hot gas, making the boilers more efficient during normal and peak usage.


LOCATION: Marshalltown, IA

CLIENT: Brown Engineering / Alliant Energy


TEAM: James E. Tometich, P.E., Ted P. Hoeger, P.E.